Caffino Superliga Junior 2019: Young Badminton Players Are Ready to Fight for Four Prestigious Team Cups
posted by | 21 Nov 2019, 10:09 WIB

The Caffino Superliga Junior team championship 2019 is ready to be held again at GOR Djarum Magelang, Central Java, on 15-20 October.

No less than 265 athletes U17 and U19, both men and women, will fight for four team trophies.

Caffino Superliga Junior 2019 is competed by using the Thomas and Uber Cup team formats. It is held in two age categories, which are U17 and U19. This system will involve five competing team that consists three singles and two doubles. In the U19 category, both men and women will compete for the Liem Swie King Cup and the Susy Susanti Cup.

While the men and woman from U17 category will compete for the Hariyanto Arbi Cup and the Yuni Kartika Cup.

"Junior Superliga is a team tournament that will test the mentality of young players in team championship such as the Thomas and Uber Cup. It is hoped that they will have good experiences when performing in bigger tournaments," said Achmad Budiharto, Director of Superliga in the Caffino Superliga Junior press conference 2019 held at Ayana Ballroom, Midplaza, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (9/10/2019).

Caffino Superliga Junior 2019 will compete for a total prize of Rp. 610 million. This year, 13 clubs from six countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand, have registered their young players to take part in this competition.

In the U19 category, the badminton clubs that participate in this competition are PB Djarum Kudus, PB Exist Jakarta, PB Mutiara Cardinal Bandung, Jatim United, Team, Young Tiger Team C (Malaysia), Kumamoto Team (Japan), Granular Badminton Academy (Thailand), Taiwan High School (Taiwan) and Singapore Badminton Association (Singapore).

While the U17 category will be followed by nine clubs, which are PB Djarum Kudus, PB Jaya Raya Jakarta, PB Exist Jakarta, PB Mutiara Cardinal Bandung, PB SGS PLN Bandung, Sarwendah Badminton Club, Young Tiger Team A (Malaysia), Young Tiger Team B (Malaysia) and Kumamoto Team (Japan).

"This tournament is a good start for them to work together in teams and practice their solidarity. "Superliga Junior is not only to develop the capabilities of young athletes but also to prepare badminton regeneration in the future," said Vice Chairman of PP PBSI, Alex Tirta.

Following are the draw results of the 2019 Caffino Superliga Junior match:

U17 Putra

Group A

A1 PB Jaya Raya Jakarta

A2 PB Exist Jakarta

A3 PB Mutiara Cardinal Bandung

A4 Sarwendah Badminton Club


Grup B

B1 PB Djarum Kudus

B2 Harimau Muda Team B

B3 Kumamoto Team

B4 PB SGS PLN Bandung


U17 Putri

Grup X

X1 PB Djarum Kudus

X2 PB Jaya Raya Jakarta

X3 PB SGS PLN Bandung

X4 Harimau Muda Team A


Grup Y

Y1 PB Mutiara Cardinal Bandung

Y2 PB Exist Jakarta

Y3 Kumamoto Team

Y4 Sarwendah Badminton Club


U19 Putra

Grup A

A1 PB Djarum Kudus

A2 PB Exist Jakarta

A3 PB Mutiara Cardinal Bandung

A4 Kumamoto Team


Grup B

B1 Harimau Muda Team C

B2 Singapore Badminton Association

B3 Taiwan High School

B4 Jatim United


U19 Putri

Grup X

X1 PB Exist Jakarta

X2 Team

X3 Taiwan High School

X4 Kumamoto Team


Grup Y

Y1 PB Djarum Kudus

Y2 Granular Badminton Academy

Y3 Jatim United

Y4 PB Mutiara Cardinal Bandung


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